• SaaS Product: Manage and Track Debt

    Custom SaaS product that allows users to manage and track their mortgage. It allows users to come up with strategies to save money and pay their mortgage off quicker. It has a intuitive dashboard that tells user where they stand with their mortgage: How much money has been spent and where, how much money they need to spend, how much time remains, and more.

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  • A Simple Sexy

    E-commerce website built using Big Cartel for shopping and WordPress for sharing content, integrating with social media, and SEO.

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  • Code Miami

    Interactive web application used to manage a tech conference. It allowed users to register to attend, make donation, apply to become a volunteer/speaker/sponsor. Users could also vote on talks & check in.

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  • VMR

    WordPress website customized to allow the client to manage team members displayed on site and share events.

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  • Health Exposure & Longevity Project

    Brocuhure site with some customnized functionality to allow the client to add events via an administation panel.

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