Sr Web Develoment Consultant

This is the role I spend most of my professional time. I work with a company to deliver a service or solution to help them reach their business goals.

Services I perform as a consultant:

  • UI development
  • Back end development
  • REST APi
  • Training
  • Technical Strategy
  • Optimizing technical processes
  • Documentation

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Freelance Projects

Sometimes businesses have too much going on internally and need an extra hand to get things done. These things include anything from creating a website to adding functionality to their website to process payments.

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PSD to WordPress

This service is typically requested by designers or companies with in house designers and but no devs. Either way if you have a pixel perfect PSD that you need turned into a live functioning WordPress Website get in touch!

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This is a non-development service. Consultations typically consists of research and/or analysis of a clients current issue, developing a strategy to overcome, and showing my client how to implement said strategy.

Consultations are meant to get clients from point A to B. Sometimes clients are struggling with getting started, they do not know how to find a developer, let alone explain what they need.

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